If you have been browsing alot recently (something i do religiously) then you must have seen this ad.

Marie Forleo is one of today’s most influential online business personalities. If you’re a life coach or consultant who has considered going digital, you’re probably a fan. Rightfully so, since Oprah named her a thought leader for the next generation. Forleo aims to help entrepreneurs build not only a thriving online business, but a life they truly love.

So i downloaded this audio and i listened to it about a month ago as i was cleaning my room. (Multitasking is so my thing.) So as the title itself says Marie Forleo took me through not one but three practical steps towards achieving what you want.  I was then eager to share what i learnt. Where else other than here on TWENTIESCO where i write to inspire my fellow twenties to make the most of their twenties as i figure out my own.

1.Decide what is it that you really want.

Clarity of what you want gives you confidence. Being aware of what you really want may be is key to determining what steps you are going to take towards achieving what you want.

So you have to define what you want.And by defining i mean being definite with what you want. It is not enough to say i want to make alot of money this year. But you have to say how much money you want to make. I want to make 500k from this bussiness is a much better statement.

2.Say why you want it and eliminate excuses

The second step towards getting what you want is knowing why you want something. Before you take off you need a destination and a course so find why you want or you need to do something.
Then It is now time to eliminate excuses. To do this make a list on things you dont do.  Not doing those things has become a hindrance towards. getting what you want.


For example you can say

I cant wake up early.

I cant work out

I cant be nice to people.

Also try finishing these sentences with the question, why?

Most of the times we say Cant what we mean is we wont so try replacing the cants with wonts and see how better they sound.
We learn that we have power over such things and therefore it is up to us to decide whether or not we are going to work on them.


3.Action is Magic.

Now the last and most important step is getting moving.Get your momentum. Take that first bold step.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.I have been transitioning from my holiday life to my full time job. (SCHOOL).So i have been really busy.
I am trying to balance my school life (which is my top priority) and my actual Life 😂😂

Anyways i wish you all a splendid weekend.




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