Despite being such a great year,2016 was rough for lots of us, and I’m no exception. Between global , national events and personal setbacks, it was a very tough year for me. More than I’ve let on here. I have my health and school, which are the most important things, and I did go through some significant personal losses. This year was a lot rougher than I thought it would be.


Here are my thoughts on 2016 . Several lessons too.

Cut the umbilical cord . Wanting comfort is sometimes what keeps us uncomfortable. Be ready for change . Step away from your comfort zone and do things, ( big things)

Self discipline and consistency makes talent more talented.

Anything can happen anywhere. I have learnt this from a personal as well as global level. ( Remember when Donald Trump became President)

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Failure only means you will stop giving your time and thoughts to things that would not work

There is enough love for everyone.

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You will never have all the tools you need to start but if you start you are one step closer . I learnt how to do crotchet braids sometime in august . I didnt have the latchhook ( the needle used for that) but i made my own from a soft wire . After using it for about three times , i was finally offered an actual latch hook . So begin where you are.


Your destination could be your starting point.

It happens all the time . You find your self in a place you should be. Is there a way out ? Pursue it .

NO? Find your way around that.

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These are only a fraction of what i have learnt because life doesn’t stop teaching

The other day my younger sister was admiring my height wishing to be the same .I wanted to tell her its it is possible because she is still growing but i am not .I suddenly auto corrected my self to still capable of getting taller and am not.


Once you have chosen Growth ,There is never a dull moment . I am learning to open my mind and learn from everything and everyone .

Books have also been teaching me alot . My favourate reads for this year were:

The Alchemist , Outliers, Beat girl, and The Secret.

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Second part of this post is all about the goals and milestones i set for 2016 .

For the first time i wrote my 2016 bucket list and i am grateful that some went well ( blogging to mention one) and some didn’t . Those that didn’t go well (like swimming ) have now become lessons and have left room for more trials .


But i must say putting my plans and thoughts into paper has highly helped me keep track of what i need to do and monitor my progress.

In the light of this i would love to urge you to #writeitdown . Be it your dreams, plans , to go list , things you are grateful for , to do list and basically everything .

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Am you going to write your 2017 bucket list? Let me know in the comments below , what  things have you learnt in 2016  ? Drop that and more in the comments below.

One last thing sometimes , i repeat again ( sometimes ) bad choices make good stories.


Thank you guys for being a part of the TWENTIESCO family and for all the love and support you have shown me but mostly my blog . I wish a prosperous 2017 . I wish you courage , love (a lot of it) and consistency .

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