I should be struck with lightning for writing this. But then students make good teachers right?

Howdy friend , new here? welcome to Twentiesco blog , not new? welcome back its good to have you here again. So i was truly impressed with one of my friend who would collect each and every one of her receipts to monitor her expenditure . Still yet not everything we buy comes with  a receipt.

Any ways so it got me thinking . I dont have much coming into my pockets but it would probably be wise to use that as a practice session . That’s the whole point right?

So i have these two things i have learned about managing your expenses

  1. The 50 30 20 rule. Once you’re bringing home the bacon, you’ll have to figure out how to slice it up. Without a budget, you risk overspending on discretionary items and under saving for important big-ticket purchases. so turns out you you can divide whst you have into 50 30 and 20 percents . The fifty is four your basic needs , the 30 is for wants and the 20 is for saving. Sounds doable? Let me know in the comments below . I cannot explain how happy i am that i can finally intergrate with my readers via comments
  2. Your expenses should never be greater than your income.  Its either with craft or debt but mostly debt. So  it is great to make a two column table and on one column list all the sources of income and exactly how much they bring you and on the second column list all your expenses in the following order please !First, lay out all your daily expenses (such as transport costs and food bills) and recurring monthly payments (rent, utilities, debts), and finally your entertainment cost. When you know where all your money is going, you can more easily see how to cut costs. and when you minus the second column total from the first it should be a positive answer. unless you have a debt for a worthy investment.

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I have heard of apps like toshl and mint which track your spending but have never tried them . What method do use to track your spending ? I can’t wait to hear about that in the comments below.

This post hopefully shade some light , Thank you for reading , stay around and check more posts , let me know what am i missing here . Lastly , Twentiesco is for every twenty something out there spread the words by sharing this post with your fellow twenties and media groups. Out of things to talk about , tell some one about Twentiesco.
Have  a splendid week ahead . BE PRODUCTIVE . bE YoU .



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